Ratusz w Györ/City Hall in Györ

Opublikowana: 2011-02-27
Data wykonana: 2011-02-26
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With its distinctive tall central tower the Town Hall has become a city landmark. This Eclectic structure was built according to the plans of Jenő Hübner between 1896 and 1898.

The vibrant towers define the facade of the building. Hübner intended them to replace the Fire Tower, the demolition of which was resented by many.

The succession of the interior rooms is equally well planned. From a spacious entry hall a grand staircase leads to the first floor ceremonial hall. This is not only the venue for council assemblies but organ concerts are also often held here on the superb instrument that was moved here from the Budapest Academy of Music.

The birth of the building was a result of large scale city planning. As an opposite pole to the historical centre, a modern new city centre was created and its defining building was city hall. The new section needed space and thus the castle walls and bastions were demolished. Intending to evoke the original atmosphere, the architect used the rich forms of expression of late historicism on the new building.

Source of citation: http://hungarystartshere.com/Town-Hall-varoshaza-Gyor

aparat: Canon 500D
obiektyw: Falcon 8mm/3,5
ekspozycja: 8, 1/15 -, ISO100
typ: panorama sferyczna
HDR: tak, fuzja
lokalizacja: Györ (Hungary)

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