Pomnik wioślarza na deptaku w Györ / Boatman on pedestrian zone in Györ

Data wykonana: 2011-02-26

The classic pedestrian area in Györ contains beautifully renewed stone surface, benches, newspaper stands, trees protected by wrought iron fences, fountains and statues. The sculpture which can be seen in the forefront erected for the memory of the 1954 flood.

Gyoer, Hungary`s second richest town in historic buildings outside Budapest has won Europe-award for the protection of the historic buildings, in acknowledgment of the reconstruction of the Baroque centre of the town. Churches, palaces, museums, characteristic corner-balconies and narrow lanes, all reminders of a historic past, invite visitors to take a walk in the centre of the town.

aparat: Canon 500D
obiektyw: Falcon 8mm/3,5
ekspozycja: 8, 1/15 -, ISO100
typ: panorama sferyczna
HDR: tak, fuzja
lokalizacja: Györ (Hungary)

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